OXed academic editing and proofreading service is a dedicated service aimed at assisting academics, including university teaching and research staff as well as PhD students, with the exclusive publication of their articles in high quality international journals.

At OXed, we understand the challenges of being a non-native English speaking author and producing and publishing in high caliber international journals. While authors compete to publish in the best known journals in their field, peer reviewed journals are getting increasingly selective with the papers they accept and publish. The most common stumbling block for the article and its publication is the quality of the writing. Substandard English often detracts from the quality of the paper, which may lead to delays in its publication and sometimes even its rejection, particularly those written by non-native English-speaking authors (ESL authors).

As quality providers of Academic editing and proofreading services, we are proud to ensure that every edited manuscript has the best chance of being published in your target journal. Our professional editors do this by first assessing your manuscript and giving you free feedback about the quality of your writing. They will advise you on how this can be improved and with your agreement, they will take the work into their hands, check all aspects of your writing and promptly supply you with an edited version of your manuscript, ready for dispatch to your target journal.