1 Journal Style Check

You are aware that no matter how well your article is written, if it does not conform to the guidelines of the journal, it will not be considered for publication. Most peer-reviewed journals expect to receive manuscripts in a pre-determined format for uniformity. Our complementary Journal Style Check service will help authors to present their manuscripts according to the guidelines specified by the journal, giving them the best opportunity for successful publication.

The Journal Style Check includes: 

  • Journal requirements
  • Conventions and notations
  • Reference and citation style
  • Section order and structure  within the manuscript
  • Manuscript format
  • Template application

2 Certificate of Editing

A number of international journals request a certificate of editing at the time of manuscript submission. This certificate is useful especially for non-native English-speaking authors, as some journals insist on a Certificate of Editing which states that the paper has been edited by a native professional editor.